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Review Geek – Amazon Wireless Gaming Headsets For Black Friday

Gamers want the best deals every Black Friday and Cyber Monday. If youre like me, youre probably watching for Amazon wireless gaming headset deals during this time of year.

There are definitely discounts to be had and Amazon is a hot favorite. When buying your wireless gaming headset direct from Amazon, you can order at any time of day 24/7; then have it delivered right to your game room. No more standing in line. With an Amazon Prime account you also get guaranteed 24 hour delivery. Order in the morning, get it in time for your next Destiny session.

In this post, I try to round up the best Amazon wireless gaming headset discounts and deals for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. No detailed reviews here; just a quick series of product recommendations for hot amazon wireless gaming headset deals this Black Friday. I will be updating this post often; in fact right through the holiday season, so lets dive in.

Amazon Wireless Gaming Headset Deals

Black Friday and the holidays are still a few weeks away (at the time of writing). Already Amazon has started offering early savings on a range of products including wireless gaming headsets.

Our top wireless gaming headsets from among the early deals bunch are:

Astro A50 Wireless Gaming Headset

This headset normally retails at about $300. At the moment it is on offer for less than half this price. Amazon have taken the Black Friday and Cyber Monday excuse to bring down the price.

Because this post is not meant to review any particular wireless gaming headset, I wont be going into much detail here. However, it makes sense to outline some of the Astro A50s features.

According to Amazons product description page for this wireless gaming headset, the A50 offers a superior build, fit and finish. It also features a higher frequency wireless technology. This is important for improving audio quality and range (reduce crackling).

The Astro A50 wireless gaming headset has multi-system compatibility, and comes with Dolby Digital 7.1 support.

User reviews for this wireless gaming headset are fairly good, with some mixed opinions.

As I mentioned, this is not a product review. It is a hit list of Amazon wireless gaming headset deals for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Look out for our review of the Astro A50 headset, soon.

Get todays price for the Astro A50 (direct from Amazon)

Logitech G930 Wireless Gaming Headset

ormal retail price for the Logitech G930 wireless gaming headset is about $160. However, for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, Amazon are bringing the price down quite a bit. This is an offer worth having for more than one good reason:

  • The Logitech G930 is an Amazon bestseller. With more than 3000 user reviews on Amazon alone, it is definitely among the top 10 best selling wireless gaming headsets online.
  • It is a choice gaming headset for PS4 and Windows 8 users.
  • The G930 has a comfortable design and noise-cancelling boom.
  • The manufacturers claim that the product has up to 40ft lag-free wireless performance.

Enough just cause to take advantage of this Amazon wireless gaming headset offer.

User reviews for the Logitech G930 are plentiful (at over 3k), and mixed. Whats important to note is that with this volume of user interaction regarding the G930, there is no doubt that it is hugely popular with gamers. If youve been considering this headset, but have been discouraged by its price, well no more. You can grab it from Amazon at about half its retail price.

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