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    Video productions, photography projects and multimedia services.
  • Visual Content Producers

    Video and photography for advertising, marketing and social media purposes.
  • Add Video to Your Web Presence

    Gain viewers, increase prospects and build your brand.
  • Videos have Impact

    See increased traffic and more shares, likes and views with great videos at your site.
  • Video Production

    We're a creative team dedicated to producing high quality video projects. We offer friendly professional service for a stress-free experience. All clients receive white-glove treatment as we focus on every detail to bring your project to life. Our synergistic approach to creating meaningful visual media and marketing solutions benefits our all our commercial clients.

  • Photography Projects

    Master photographer with 20+ years of experience shooting assignment is NYC, John Neitzel is your go-to guy for producing large photography projects. In the studio or on location, John's team will produce your project on-time and on-budget. As a digital pioneer, he takes advantage of all technology advances so you can benefit from that as well.

  • Multimedia Services

    Our unique combination of experience in the digital imaging industry and expertise in traditional communications gives you a cohesive group of professionals, with a grounded, results-oriented approach to marketing with technology. Creative visual content for your corporate presentations, social media sites, advertising and marketing needs.

People Watch Videos

YouTube has over a billion users, almost one-third of all people on the Internet. Every day people watch hundreds of millions of hours and generate billions of views.

Visual Clarity

You control the content, you control the message. Separate your message from the visual clutter on the internet. Clear, concise, we can help you create and deliver.

Video is Searchable

With meta tags and keywords you can get your video found and delivered to those looking for your content. We'll help you format and upload to the popular channels.

Video is Mobile

Youtube, Vimeo and other hosting services deliver multiple versions of your video depending upon what type of devise is hitting it. It's really come a long way.

Demonstrate Benefits

With a great script and practiced actors, we'll create a video of your product or service to demonstrate the benefits...not just the features.

Demonstrate Value

Online videos will show potential clients the value you represent. We'll help draft your script for maximum impact.

Video Behavior Analytics

The hosting services serve up statistics for tracking the success of your video campaign. Followers, likes and views are kept for your review. We'll set up your channels.

Social Media Sharing

Once your video has been posted, you can track which blogs are linking, liking and sharing your content for maximum exposure. It's a numbers game we can help with.

Support Your Team

Your sales team needs great videos to help generate leads and close deals. Videos will support sales, customer service, marketing and advertising efforts.

Support Your Brand

Building your brand and online presence depends upon great content to attract viewers. Videos are the best way to build loyalty and gain exposure.

Turn Visitors Into Leads

We'll create video for your website that will help turn visitors into leads for your sales force because of the dynamic message you are able to deliver.

Turn Leads Into Clients

Viewers will learn important information from videos at your site, and your sales team can use testimonial videos to show value and benefits of your company.


We create visual content for advertising, marketing and social media purposes. Put Digital Destinations on your team for awesome results.

John Neitzel
John Neitzel

SHOOT. EDIT. DELIVER. We are one of New York City's finest creative production teams.

Digital Destinations

We produce awesome, artistic and affordable video and photography projects in the studio and on location.

Digital Destinations

I am a Professional Image Maker with 20+ years of experience producing high-end projects in New York City. My focus is always on your success.

John Neitzel
John Neitzel


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